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Get your charting done much faster with our powerful automation packed into a minimalist modern design

Everything you need for legislation compliant health record storage


This cumulative charting system is great for solo-practitioners as well a large clinic teams. Securely collaborate within the clients circle of care with secure internal messaging and charting sharing capabilities. Create your own charting templates you have always used in your business then securely add chart notes from any browser on any device.

our emr features



Health Records

  • Access active clients’ charts
  • Archive old health records
Chart Notes

  • Draft, sign or amend charts
  • Efficient overview with to-do list format
Pre-made Templates

  • Easy to use, basic charting templates available
  • Choose and integrate only your desired templates
Template Builder

  • Build your own templates into the system
  • Easy drag and drop builder
  • Pre-fill templates for maximum efficiency
  • Publish and share templates with your team

  • Securely send audio files and receive transcriptions
  • Streamlined process for transcriptionists
  • Directly receive completed transcriptions in My Charts


Scheduling Calendar

  • Manage clients securely with the integrated calendar
  • Set up team meetings and shared client appointments
  • View and adjust business hours and clinicians’ availability
Task Management

  • Share charts securely with client’s other providers
  • Send audio files securely to transcriptionist
  • Send non-client related task to a co-worker
Internal Messaging

  • Securely and instantly communicate with the team
  • Easily follow up on tasks or questions within the clinic
Automated Reports

  • Keep track of clinic performance with live reports
  • Generate demographic details of clinic’s clients
Community Forum

  • Keep up to date and in touch with the community
  • Discuss new and recent findings with others



  • Generate invoices easily and efficiently
  • Export invoices in various formats

Health Records & Chart Notes

This is where all client charts are stored. You will only see your active clients charts in this area. When you discharge a client they are removed from your health record view. The chart is still in the system but is removed from your view since you are no longer in their circle of care. If the client returns for treatments you can break the glass on their chart and gain access to all your old charts again.

Chart records have three possible states: Draft, Signed, or Amended. Draft chart records display in My Charts as a to do list so you don’t forget to finish them. Charts that are in draft form are listed in the chart but are not able to be opened and viewed by other health providers you have shared your chart view with.

Premade Templates & Template Builder

We have all the basic charting templates made for you. Your profile will be empty of templates at the beginning so make sure you integrate some before you get started. This is one way we keep your view clean from distractions. Rather than sorting through all our available templates every time you want to add a new chart record you will only see the templates that you chose to integrate.

Your practice has forms, templates, and letters that you have already been using. With our free integrated template builder you are able to build your own templates right into the system with the easy drag and drop builder. Pre-fill your templates with chart lingo you use all the time to make your charting processes even faster.

Publish your templates to the pre-made template store so that the rest of your team can integrate them. This means that your clinic forms only needs to be built once and can be used by your whole team.

Task Management

There are three task options available in the task management system. Share a client chart securely with other providers in their circle of care, send an audio file securely to your transcriptionist, or send a non-client related task to a co-worker.

If you need to follow up on a task or if there are questions, easily communicate with our secure internal messaging feature. No need to worry about confusing client initials in email chains.

Through the task management system you can securely send audio files directly to your transcriptionist. You get to specify which client the dictation is for and what charting template you would like the transcriptionist to use. This gets rid of any room for error on the transcriptionist side as these two features are pre-loaded for them from their view in the system. Once the transcription has been completed, the chart appears in your My Charts area as a draft for you to review and sign off.

Scheduling Calendar

Manage your client bookings securely with our integrated calendar. View all of your clinicians calendars in your clinic for setting up team meetings and shared client appointments. Set your overall business hours and then adjust individual clinician available hours. Block time as needed or use our repetitive booking feature.

Automated Reports

See how your clinic is performing with our live reports. Instantly check how many active clients, new client, and discharges your clinician are working with. You can also easily see demographic details of your clinics population base with our age, location, and diagnosis reports.

Add a privacy office or clinic manager role to your practice. This view allows a high level view of all active clients and can discharge inappropriate chart shares and clinician access without needing to view chart records. These roles can be added to a pre-existing health provider as well.


Our invoicing process allows you to create and send custom invoices like no other. Generate and email your invoices to your clients and keep track of billing with ease. You can add and edit your list of services at any time. View all your outstanding and overdue invoices at a glance – and keep track of your invoices by updating your status with a click of a button.

Your records are safe with us

Security Features

Guardian EMR is a Canadian based company with state of the art virtual servers in Toronto, Ontario. Cloud based secure charting allows you to work from any device, anywhere.  We encourage our users to keep their hardware up to date with the latest anti-virus software and password protection vaults.


Guardian EMR is an encrypted application that is updated on a regular basis to keep all security features up to date.

Each user has their own log on credentials and all activity is tracked in the system. Privacy officer role is available for clinic audits.



Chart Security

Each client chart has a ‘break the glass’ security layer that records the clinicians purpose for being in the chart. These purpose’s can then be audited in our automated reports.

One-Way Chart Share

Guardian is a cumulative charting system which means that once a clients chart has been added all providers chart into the same chart. Even though we are all charting in the same chart, the chart records can only be viewed by their author or by clinicians you have intentionally shared your chart ‘view’ with.


Lock Box

In each chart record there is a lock box feature that allows you to restrict viewing access to that specific record after you have shared your chart view with another clinician.