Software Developer

The Canadian Electronic Health Information System is looking for a software developer to join our team. This person is responsible for assisting with the end-to-end planning, building, and deploying of our in-production Guardian EMR software system. They will be able to drive the programming of well-constructed, testable code. You’ll work with another developer to ensure that the front-end implementation works as intended.


Design and develop –  Foster and engineer software solutions from conception to deployment. Evaluate customer requirements and determine existing product reach, potential restrictions, and future development feasibility. Work independently while testing all software in a fluid environment, facilitating verification and quality assurance throughout.

Coordinate and support – Work with the team to execute timely and cost-effective solutions. Provide ongoing support and maintenance as needed. 


The ideal candidate will possess familiarity with .NET, Angular 7, and various angular extensions. Experience with LESS or SASS CSS pre-processor. As well as experience with Digital Ocean, AWS, and other Linux server deployments.

Other skills that would be beneficial include experience with REST, git and git-flow, as well as experience with jQuery. Experience with IOs and Android mobile development. Familiarity with Laravelle.


  • Part Time role (~20 hours per week)
  • Weekly meeting check-ins
  • Slack based communication with team members

About The Canadian Electronic Health Information System

E-HIS is a tech organization dedicated to supporting health professionals. From solo practice to enterprise dynamics we aim to connect health care to better the care of patients.

Our employees enjoy a work culture that promotes independence and creativity. This is an opportunity to be innovative with a small start-up team. Your ideas can have a significant impact on the day-to-day procedures and strategies used.

Send your application and resume to to apply.